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Terms of use

Welcome to Nexus QR8. This agreement (“Agreement”) describes your rights and responsibilities related to your use of the Nexus QR8 service as a registered user. By creating your Nexus QR8 account, clicking “continue”, use our services in any capacity or by otherwise indicating that you agree, you are agreeing to these terms. This Agreement is legally binding, along with the Privacy Policy.

Nexus QR8 is a curation, sharing and engagement service for LinkedIn. We use “Nexus QR8” here to refer to the Nexus QR8 website(s) and any iOS and Android apps that are created in the future (also referred to as our “Services”). We also use “Nexus QR8”, “we”, “us” and “our” to refer to the service, or our business, Intared Ltd, as appropriate in context.


1. Eligibility

Each person is limited to one account, and you may not share your account with anyone else or allow someone else to use your account.

When you register for Nexus QR8 you must use your real name, not a pseudonym. Submitting inaccurate registration information, registering if you know you don’t meet our eligibility requirements, or otherwise providing false registration information is a violation of this Agreement and could constitute a crime.

You may not use our Services if: (1) we previously disabled your account for violations of our terms or policies; or (2) you are prohibited from receiving our Services or platform under applicable law.

We reserve the right to refuse registration to any person and to suspend, delete or deactivate your account at any time and without warning, without liability to you.

2. Privacy and preferences.

The Services cannot be provided and the Agreement cannot be performed without Nexus QR8 processing data about its members and visitors. The provision of personalised content is essential to the provision of our Services and a core part of our agreement with you.

Please read our privacy policy in conjunction with this agreement to understand how we process your data.

3. Content and feedback.

You retain all ownership rights to the posts, text, photos, responses and other content you submit to Nexus QR8 (collectively, your “Content”). You give us permission, in the form of a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, and worldwide license, to use, copy, and publish your Content. This means, for example, if you create a post with an image, you give us permission to store, copy, and share it with others. You agree not to post any Content that you don’t have the right to publish, or that is defamatory, infringing, illegal or otherwise tortious. We do not moderate Content posted by members; however, we can remove Content posted by you at any time and without warning if you violate this Agreement.

You give us permission to use your name and profile picture, and information about actions you have taken on Nexus QR8 next to or in connection with ads, offers and other sponsored content, with no additional compensation to you.

We welcome you to submit feedback about Nexus QR8, so long as you understand we may have already had the same idea, and you agree that we are free to use any feedback you voluntarily provide with no restriction or obligation (payment or otherwise) to you.

4. Interactions with other members.

At Nexus QR8, we want to help people create engagement and friendships with other Nexus QR8 users and LinkedIn members. We enjoy a good debate but always keep your comments and interactions respectful. It is ok to disagree with someone, but that does not mean you can be rude.

Any ill treatment of other members will be taken very seriously and may result in your account being terminated without warning.

5. Changes to these Terms

We can amend this Agreement and any additional terms by notifying you of the changes (for example, by emailing you, or by posting an amendment notice on the website Homepage). If you keep using Nexus QR8, you accept and are bound by the new terms; if you disagree with the new terms, you should contact us and ask to delete your account.

6. Liability limits.

We are not liable for any lost profit (special, incidental, punitive, consequential) however it arises. We are not liable for the actions of our members.

7. General.

This agreement does not create any agency, partnership, joint venture, joint controllership, employment or franchise relationship. This Agreement is legally binding. If any part(s) of this Agreement are found under the law to be invalid or unenforceable, then only that specific part(s) shall be of no force and the remainder of the Agreement is still in full force and remains legally binding.